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October 16, 2022 Hindi Dubbed Movies
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Movie Name: Shivpratap Garudjhep
Director: Kartik Rajaram Kendhe
Staring: Amol Kolhe, Harak Amol Bhartiya, Shailesh Datar
Relase Date: 05 Oct 2022
Genre: History
RunTime: 135 min
Story Line: SHIVPRATAP-GARUDJHEP “The saga of a battle which defeated Aurangzeb and mighty Mughals without a drop of bloodshed.” In the treaty of Purandhar, as decided, Shivaji Maharaj agrees to visit Agra despite knowing the political atmosphere around. Shivaji Maharaj reaches Agra with the thought of using this visit as an opportunity to establish his mark on the Politics of Hindustan and he is well aware of the political impact it will have on the future. In Aurangzeb’s court, without tolerating disrespect and humiliation, Shivaji Maharaj roars with great courage insulting Alamgir Aurangzeb and shocking the entire Mughal Empire. The news of this incident echoes throughout the Indian subcontinent and as a revenge, Shivaji Maharaj is placed under house arrest by Aurangzeb. But with a thoughtful mind and an intelligent strategy, he unbelievably escapes from Agra and sure death, along with each and every one of his men. Escape from Agra is the most incredible accomplishment on the Indian political horizon…like the first leap of the mighty eagle before his successful flight in the skies which left Aurangzeb and entire Mughal empire baffled. SHIVPRATAP- GARUDJHEP is a unique presentation of Shivaji Maharaj’s brilliant political strategies, intelligence and foresight which will be an inspiration to the audience.

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